• SilverSingles Customer Support

    SilverSingles Customer Support Is The Best Approach To Consider

  • How Do I Cancel Silver Singles Account

    Silver Singles Account can very easily be cancelled through the Member Dashboard.

    The steps are as below:
    1. Login to SilverSingles account
    2. Click on menu to reach the SilverSingles Membership Page via My Account option
    3. Click on Cancel link to initiate the cancellation.
    4. Provide the cancellation reason and click on Continue
    5. Finally for the verification re-enter the password and click on Confirm
    6. Once you confirm the cancellation, you will receive a confirmation email from the SilverSingles customer desk.

    The alternative way in which SilverSingles Account can be cancelled is by dropping an e-mail to the customer service. The working hours of SilverSingles customer service is Weekdays round the clock and over weekends it is 09:00 AM to 08: PM

    In case the cancellation request raised by you through the website is not processed, please contact the customer care to complete the cancellation.

    The steps to contact the customer care are:
    1. When submitting your request please mention your registered email id or the SilverSingles user ID which can be found under My Account.
    2. Select the Cancellation topic if found else provide custom details.
    3. Once you click Submit, you will receive an automated notification containing the reference number of your SilverSingles Cancellation request.
    4.  This notification e-mail can be kept handy for any further communication with the SilverSingles customer care.
    5. Usually the turnaround time for any request is very low and the customer care team is very supportive with very good business understanding of the SilverSingles. Their response are very elaborate and easy to understand even by the non technical person.

    The Android App based subscription can be easily cancelled via your Google Play account. Uninstalling the App will not cancel the subscription.

    The steps to Cancel SilverSingles subscription from your Google Play account are as below:
    1. Open Google Play Store App
    2. Verify whether you are logged in with the same credentials with which you purchased the subscription of SilverSingles.
    3. Tap Subscriptions on the menu
    4. Choose SilverSingles subscription to cancel
    5. Tap Cancel Subscription
    6. Follow the very easy self guided instruction to complete the cancellation of the SilverSingles account

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